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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> good morning wednesday, january 15, 2014. this is a regular metro of the bic i want to remind everything to you turn off electronic devices president mccarthy are commissioner mar. commissioner lee. commissioner mccray. commissioner walker. commissioner mccray is expected. we have a quorum and the next item is item 2 president announcements >> good morning. thank you all for coming here per we have a few things i'd like to bring to notice. we'll be taking a break around 5
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to 10 for swearing in of commissioners and we'll be gone for half an hour and resume at the 10:30. we hope to go into one the item is the crown terrace item. with that, president's announcements. good morning we're going to continue to work on dbi on the job site at twin peaks where it was a single-family home sliding down a slope about 50 feet fortunately the building was unoccupied and more on that later american people on the yawned. congratulations to director tom huey and a thanks for the dbi
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staff for finalizing the emphasizing report showed 61 thousand permits issued and more than one hundred thousand 31 thousand inspectors completed with $3.5 billion. the annual report and it's highlights have been conveyed to the board of supervisors and an amazing mulch of work done. congratulations to robert chung and his excellent team who are doing the retrofitting for soft story buildings and for the free workshop held in october and november. there will be another free opportunity on january for the
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mayor's director dbi and numerous others will be in fair trade set up where customers may learn the contains arrangements. dbi is investigating a china's workshop at the chinatown ward to that also. please note to the sfgovtv workshop is now available on line through youtube with the link for wwwdot sf dbi on caps website. the dbi respond to several media calls including the radio report o'brien who interviewed director huey about sxhoous in-law legislation. this interview aired on tuesday at the 6:30 and 8:30 a.m.
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we provided information for an online paper for its specific vacant building and we provided to list to report to aaron smile. expected in 2014. san francisco papers called and it was announced by supervisor weiner and cowen where dbi planning and publicity will explain the rhodes code enforcement process and in the mission district was published on january 9th where inspector james lee provided the code report open the dbis visions.
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we were joined at the news congestion with the mayor talked about a new housing stock and it's charred that i director huey and a convened it's first meeting with a plan for the mayor on february. there's another meeting so there was a lot of people at that. and dbi record reflect received notice thought you filing to request a departmental waiver for the requirements in the healthy air clean air requirements. sorry the deadline for this year is january 23rded 2014 and they continue to use the companies vehicles.
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a thapgsz to huey for distributing to all the staff for the vision of 17 compliments already completed are underway. the actions are implementation of one month ago a new cash system and to ongoing implementation of now private tracking systems. that, ma'am secretary completes my announcements >> is there any comment on the the announcements. seeing none, item 3 general any public comment? we'll take the comments that are not part of this agenda. seeing none, item 4 director's report 4a update on dbi's finances >> i'm gail acting chief
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financial officer. our report this month our revenue is continuing to be higher than what we budgeted. currently our charges are 21 percent he higher than what we expect. we've seen several large projects submitted this year we think a lot of that is sgoou due to the code change in january. people were trying to bet pa that change but we're expecting about $16 million than that we expected. in terms of expenses: so with expenses we're still seeing savings in employees salaries. the savings and expenses are pretty much everywhere but we're
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to spend more for supplies. we put many requisitions for the car and we'll be buying jackets and several purchase orders are coming through. and everything else is on track. we'll end the year with with savings in salaries we're still hiring but not as fast has been budgeting. that's it for the finance report >> thanks gail. >> update on proposed election - legislation. >> good morning. on the new legislation president mccarthy mentions the mayor's
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executive director on the housing and prestige we're planning an active roll in that the working group charred by director huey charred the meeting last friday and there will be another one this friday and to have a plan on the mayors desk by the first of event and that's preceding well. supervisor weiner and cowen you may have seen an item in the press recently they have called for a hearing asking 40 for dbi and the publicity and fire department to come to a land use meeting to talk about code enforcement procures and some of this is over supervisor weiner's you concerns about the hoarding and the fire department code
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enforcement was responsive to that or not responsive to that. the idea is to take a look at all the agencies code enforcement policies and see if he thinks or supervisor cowen thinks there's some legislation proposals coming forward. we'll be participating in that february hearing. the only other item of note i would say that supervisor chiu's legislation on legitimization of in-laws a that's scheduled to come to land use but hat not yet. on the seismic retrofitting as president mccarthy january 28th there will be a trade fair setting at the bill graham
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center to have people to raise questions again about what they need to do if their qualified and in the pool for mandatory retrofits but i thought you might like to know as of today we've accepted of 5 hundred and 9 of the screening forms that's been returned and we have released one hundred and 81 that have been found not subject to the mandatory retrofitting. we've rejected 61 which have some error and huey mr. be back to us and we have 18 file permits and 8 permits where retrofitting work maybe flaw. we've been notified that 3 retrofit jobs have been
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completed. as far as i, tell we're on schedule or he'd of schedule given the screening forms don't have to come back to the department until the middle of september. that's it. thank you, mr. strong >> i'm sorry sore. commissioner mar >> have we heard anything from councilmember kersey office i heard hesitate working r with legislation about the tic. we received a notification for a march 13 update hearing with the boards government audits and
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oversight committee we briefed on our response to the civil grand jury report last year. there were two findings where we are to engage a consultant looking at the bp r implementation program and that consultant to come up with a timeline with fixed dates. we have received this past week the personnel services contract that we need to move ahead we're seeking 3 bids and hope to get that consultant on board so by the time of this march update we'll have concrete results to give to the board members. when the new board was installed in january there is a change in the chairman chp so supervisor breed is the chair of that
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committee rather than supervisor cowen and supervisor david chiu respected championships. and we'll be talking to those folks in the next month to inform them of what we're doing >> i'd like to recognize commissioner melgar when has joined us. >> update on tracking systems. >> good morning, commissioners i as project director update on the tracking systems we're getting he ready for the next round of yourself testing starting next week for 4 weeks. we're getting the tests for the interfaces we're having with the
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i b r we have 6 of them and testing the mobile device inspections and the retrofitting. we will also be testing the prior round we found issued we'll be retesting those. we have a busy schedule for the next 4 weeks. we're going to inviting the stakeholder and give us any tweaks we can do the electrical boiler that takes permits. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> item 4 d update on major projects. >> good morning, commissioners. tom director. you see the revenue go up last month because of the code change. lots of people submit the permit
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for december before the code change that's why you see it barely go up from 6 to 7 period. any questions? >> no. i'm good >> okay. item 4 e i didn't want on code enforcement >> dbi monthly update the building inspector was performed for 5 hundred and 16. complainants received for 2 hundred and 33 complaints was 2 hundred and complaints for the
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first violation is down to 68 and complaints without notice of violation were 18. the abatements were 34 and second notice of violations refer to code enforcement 17. for the housing inspections performed there was 8 hundred plus and complaints was that hundred and 92 and complaint response was that hundred and 60. compliments a with notice of violation issued were you nine hundred and 60. number of cases sent to directors sent on the 26 and the code enforcement sent to the directors hearing was that 6 and number of abatements issued were 11. number of kinds under awe investment were 6
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>> thank you deputy. questions >> any public comment on 4a through e? okay. seeing none the discussion felt bs'ing for 2014, 15 and 2015 and 16 arrest >> we're requesting a budget over 233 hundred and 70 thousand so starting with our revenue. our revenue is running about 21 percent higher than our current year's budget. the city is now doing a two year budget so what we're doing to making modifications to the
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budget for the following years. a lot of the numbers are changed from what was approved. we're doing a study with good practices and we also are - the depraved budget for next week next year has a reduction and that's why you see a big dip for our revenue for norwalk. it's - i'm not prong a big change that's why there's a large dip. i'm not predicting a large reduction we're seeing go really, really high. we're not sure what's going to happen with the fees next year i don't expect to grow cybill but
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with the change in fee - we are going to collect 07 percent more than our base budget. so revenue is going to grow not as fast fast and we're going to recognize $2 million for the next phase of the b t s project. we want to add some of the other departments in our current system related to the process related to the program. we do have some money in fund balance already recognized to look at the elevators and stuff that was approved last year. so you see our revenue is going up slightly but it looks like a big dip.
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last year, we put $15 million in a capital reserve and we're not doing that again. in 9016 we're estimating an increase and eliminating all the operating fund balance so again, it looks like we're dropping but we're increasing our charges for service revenue in the following year. so that expenditures we're increasing for work orders. the city has changed it credit card approach the new credit card platform the city would take care of the fees but their sending it out to the various department so each department has to pay the fees. we do quite a bit of revenue it
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equals $50,000 a month it's a large hit for us. you'll see an increase of $600,000 for the year and it's to cover the cost of accepting credit cards in our building >> from a business point of view i know when businesses do volume can we negotiate a better fee. >> the city has negotiated it because they do a lot of credit card volume. my understanding is dbi has the highest volume of credit card in the city. we probably have the largest fee charged but it's negotiated citywide >> which department does that. >> the treasurer tax clerk. the 6 hundred thoughts would be for the whole fees. we collect fees from other
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departments so i've had a brief discussion with planning they need to pay a portion of the fees we collect for planning but since the fee is so new since at the end of the september but as we move through the budget process they may pay a portion but since i don't know what it is i've put the whole thing in dbi's budget. there's a small increase in training not huge to help with other code changes. we've gotten new servers and want to make sure that the people can go to the conventions. materials and supplies sees on increase. we want to increase our spending on emergency supplies. we have funding in our budget
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for helmets and things but we want to add funding for emergency backpacks and food so all the departments can go forbid two days. they're not budgeted so we want to make sure we add budget for those things on an ongoing basis. the loose is an comprehend. we're looking at the facilities at the 1616 mission we have more staff budgeted than fit in the building currently, we need more conference rooms and areas to meet with staff. it is going to - to do any capital project you need to do a facility master plan, which is ongoing. we're about a quarter of a way through that.
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one of the attachments in the budget dochlts that was sent to you was a draft of the current workshop analysis. they're saying we're thirty percent shy of space in a perfect world the building would be thirty percent bigger. they need to look at the right sizings of the building how many conference rooms do we need. we need to do some kind of capital improvements to improve our building. we don't know what that is. once we get a clear idea it will come back to this body so you guys can look at the study. we know we need to do something 0 whatever that is. hopefully, we'll have decided by july what we need to do and keep
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working on it before the next budget process and can add money. i've put 5 hundred thousand in the first year and one mill in the second year. the mayor's office looks at it and you guys have more feedback but i want to point out that's a new capital project and in the budget >> that's important looking at for 2014 the conditions are very, very tight for such a busy busy building. i know the director this is a priority so whatever support you need i'm sure the commotion wants to see the working conditions improved >> so thirty percent more. >> b it's about thirty percent
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more. >> that's important. thank you >> so authorized positions. we've grown as you see. during the downturn we laid off one hundred and thirty people. your permit volume as picked up we're going to rehire people. with this 13 and 14 budget back around the downturn that we were budgeted for. we've been hiring and we want to add more positions. we're leveling off we don't need much more. in our budget this year that was approved last year, we have more building inspectors two.
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and we're going to ladder to work with sfoir. we're asking for 4 more bodies that are above and beyond that are permit techs and in the service to help with the customer calls. we're looking for more you assistance with the management position and one with pr. we're looking at part of the add we're technically asking for two positions we're going to give up two position. that's to fill 4 more positions. you can see in the graft we're leveling off we're asking for more positions but on the whole you'll see there.
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so a few other changes to highlight. the fringe benefits has increased due to the new positions we've added. equipment we've also are continuing our vehicle replacement a program so in the current year we have 10 vehicles scheduled for replacement and last year is part of the budget process we got 26 vehicles to handle the new staff on inspections. 10 are purely electron getting smallest cars and hybrid electric mix. we don't have the structure to do more electric so as we get more infrastructure to plug them in we can still use them as a hybrid. and in the event of an emergency
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we have an earthquake and no power we still have cars that run. cars can't be procedural electric. because we have so many cars we're continuing 10 cars to be respected. we have old cars that are reaching the end of life they're only good for 15 years and fleet will take the car and they thrills to come and get our stuff out of it. with other cars they say you have a new car coming but they're not save after 15 years they


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